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(note: this is my first giveaway so….)

Basically I’ve got a shiny Ralts, Totodile, Oddish, Absol, Castform and Eevee that I’ve transferred from Diamond but the thing is I also had some on other games so I’ve decided to give them away to 6 winners. 


1. REBLOGS ONLY! You can like it but it wont count

2. You don’t have to be following me but it would be nice if you were

3. You must have your ask box open

4. You must have pokemon x or y and you must be willing to give me your friend code. You also have to have working wifi

I will be choosing the winners with a random number generator

If a winner doesn’t have their ask box open or if they don’t reply in 48 hours then I will choose someone else!

(Also the pokemon will be on a first come first serve basis so the quicker you get back to me the more likely you are to get the pokemon you want)

The giveaway ends SUNDAY the 7th of MARCH!

(My time zone is GMT +0 )


I’ve hatched a few new shinies so people who are following me will get the option of choosing an extra pokemon.

(I won’t say what they are because there might be a few extra ones added between now and March)